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Notice to Shriners Folks!

It has been decided that you shouldn’t be using this website.  Rather, you should be using your BOX account instead.  If you don’t know what that means, it’s probably best to send Adam Graf an email and ask him about it.  All the latest MAPS updates and change log will now be kept in the BOX area, including updates to the Queries database.


Also, the Upload/Download area has been removed.  You should use the BOX account for that as well.


Please select the link that describes what you’d like to see or do:


MAPS Information


MAPS Downloads (for non-Shriners)


Creating PDFs


MAPS Updates Log (Shriners, see BOX version of this)





His home/office number is (615) 563-9403. 

His cell number is (832) 865-0001.